“Marilyn was able to provide me with a high profile resume that immediately created results. I had an interview only days after I had posted it, as well as dozens of views on the job websites. She is extremely thorough, reliable, and the finished work gives you the 'wow' factor. She exceeded expectations on the finished resume, interview tips, and coaching you through an interview. Thank you, Marilyn!” May 30, 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Michael DiMaio  hired Marilyn as a Career Coach in 2012
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“Marilyn Stika is a personable, career coach as she walks you through your opportunities and encourages along the way to help you achieve your potential in a shrinking job market. She is a polished professional who sets her standards high and expects the same. Her approach to resume writing and value proposals puts your name at the top of list.” April 16, 2011 Rosemarie Alexander
“Marilyn has provided invaluable advice with a fresh approach for evaluating my career path. Her knowledge and expertise are much appreciated as I decide which field I want to continue to pursue. I highly recommend Marilyn to anyone who needs career advice in this challenging market.” September 25, 2009
Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , Creative
Chris Hansen hired Marilyn as a Career Coach in 2009
“Marilyn is a personable professional with some very innovative ideas for solutions to problem solving. Her sense of humor and ability to empathize with your situation allows her to get inside the problem and find a solution. She has proven to be a valuable asset and a go to person in my future.” August 20, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative
Keith Walker hired Marilyn as a Recruiter in 2009
“Marilyn is a creative and deeply committed professional who can be counted upon to assist in any career advisory or advancement areas. She is expert in multiple areas and is always willing to assist or share her experiences and recommendations where requested.” April 6, 2009  Top qualities: Expert , High Integrity , Creative
Richard Bunnens hired Marilyn as a Career Coach in 2009
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